Convicts Transported to Australia
PersonDate ArrivedTransportedHistory
Calnan, Catherine17-Dec-1836at Sydney
Arrived on the "Elizabeth IV"
Convicted at the Central Criminal Court (London) for picking pockets and sentenced to transportation for 7 years
Davis, Eleanor7-Jul-1791arriving in Sydney on "Mary Anne" in the Third Fleet, and became pregnant on the voyageTried in London and convicted for stealing clothing and sentence to 7 years transportation for stealing some clothing and other items, to the value of 26s. 7d.
Dyball, Thomas6-Dec-1829at Sydney
Arrived on the "Sarah"
Convicted of house robbery and sentenced to transportation for life
Mahon, Andrew24-Dec-1818at Sydneyarrived Sydney "Martha", prisonerPossible convict
Russell, Jacob21-Aug-1791arriving in Sydney "Salamader" as a prisoner on the Third Fleetsentenced to 7 years transportation for a 7 year term for stealing some shoes and tools from a shop in his home town at age of 18 years
Seaton, Alexander28-Jun-1790at Sydneyon "Scarborough" (Third Fleet), prisoner 46th Regiment, NSW Army Corp transferred Parramatta to TasmaniaTried in London with George Lee and George Connoway for theft of 2 bullocks valued at 20. He was aged 16 years at time. Sentenced to death, later commuted to
transportation for life.
Sherringham, Robert14-Dec-1801arriving in Sydney on the ship "Minorca" as a convictcharged with stealing from the shop of Edmund Sinclair of Little Walfingham, 2 pairs of half-boots, 2 pairs pumps or shoes and several working tools.
convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation
his certificate of emancipation was issued