The Bower Name

The surname Bower occurs in England usually of Anglo-Saxon origin but can also be Scottish referring to a bow maker.

Research to date has not determined where our Bower family lived before migrating to Australia.

Australian Bowers

Probably arriving in Port Jackson, our Bowers could have been found in the Armidale area of NSW from the mid-1800s for several generations. The earliest known arrival in Armidale was Thomas George Bower, a butcher who married Eliza Cavanagh in 1862.

In about 1920 Thomas' grandson William Arthur Bower moved to Sydney and in 1923 married Constance Irene Pocknall whose family have immigrated as Assisted Passengers from Kent, England in 1855 on the ship Gilmore.

Beverley Rhoda Mary (Pickering) Bower

In 1945 Thomas' great grandson Vernon Arthur Bower married Beverly Rhoda Mary Pickering having moved from Armidale to Sydney.



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