The name Briscoe is generally associated with one who came from a place named Briscoe (Briscoe, or Birksceug, is a township 3 miles south of Carlisle in Cumberland). There are assumed to be two sources of the name. One is from the Old Norse "birkiskogr," meaning "birchwood, wood of the birches." This surname originates in Cumberland and Yorkshire in North England. The other origin is from the Old Norse Bretaskógr ‘wood of the Britons’.

According to family historian E.J.M. Briscoe of Screggan Manor the first English Briscoe (or Brisgau) is said to have come over from Normandy with William the Conqueror in 1066 AD.  For services rendered he was granted lands in Cumberland County.

Briscoes have long been associated with Crofton Hall in Cumberland from the 1300s when Isold Briscoe married Margaret Crofton. One John Brisco of the Briscos of Crofton Hall is recorded to have "passed over" to Ireland about 1580. 

Edward Briscoe, who died in 1709, was also one of the early Cumberland Briscoes to move over to Ireland. Over the generations the Briscoe family grew established a number of prominant residences, mainly throughout Kilkenny, on quite large estates. The Descendant Chart and the following tables attempt to identify how Edward's descendants established their own families, associated with the various residences.

Despite quite obvious family connections (by virtue of the Fiddown Ponsonby/Briscoe Mausoleum) between Edward Briscoe and our Briscoe family branch, the direct ancestral line is still unclear.

Our family history in Ireland continued through to Henry Harrison Briscoe (jnr) who finally left those shores and travelled to Australia and established his own family there.

Briscoe in Ireland


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