William Ernest Morrison

William Ernest Morrison migrated to Australia about 1910. He was the second of five children to John and Margaret (nee Christian) Morrison. He was born at Ballaquaggan, Malew, Isle of Man on 28 June 1884 and baptised at Santon (St. Sanctain) on 26 October 1884. In the 1901 census his occupation was given as a gardener living at Kentraugh in the parish of Rushen.

He migrated to Australia about 1910, and in Auguet 1912 he married Elizabeth Caroline Marion Thomasina Ramsden (nee Briscoe) with his occupation was given as farmer. The family lived at "Beaconsfield" in Tower Street East Hills on his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Briscoe's property. Following Elizabeth's death, the property was sold in June 1918 and the family moved to Bankstown.

They lived at "The Ranch" in Restwell Street Bankstown and Ernie went into business as fuel and produce merchant with various partners further up the street near South Terrace. 

Morrison and Briscoe Produce Store , Bankstown 1923 - with Ernie and young Alfie on the cart

In about 1927 after his business failed Ernie left Bankstown, and Caroline struggled in raise her two teenage children, with the help of the extended (Briscoe) family.

At the time of his death at Yarra Bay on 20 July 1951, he lived at Riley Street, Sydney.  He was cremated at the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium on 23 July 1951.

Personal History Details
Morrison, William Ernest28. Jun. 1884He was born at Ballaquaggan on the Isle of Man. His surname was spelt "Morresson" on certificate but formerly also spelt "formaley"
26. Oct. 1884He was christened in Santon parish.
19. Mar. 1899He was confirmed at the Rushen parish church, aged 15 1/2years, living at Kentraugh.
1901He was a gardener at Kentraugh in Rushen parish.
c 1911He immigrated to Australia, presumably to Sydney.
3. Aug. 1912When he married Elizabeth Briscoe at the Registrar's office in Beamish Street Campsie, his occupation was recorded a farmer at East Hills.
1915When his son Alfred was born he was recorded as a stonemason
bt 1915 - 1917With his young family he lived at "Beaconsfield" in Weston Street, East Hills as a poultry farmer
bt 1917 - 1918The Sands Directory recorded him living in Leonard Street, Bankstown where the house was name Ellan Vannin (Manx for the Isle of Man).
1921He was in business as "Morrison Richards & Co" produce store off South Terrace west side
bt 1921 - 1923The family lived in Restwell Street, Bankstown where the house was known as "The Ranch".
1922He continued in business as "Morrison & Dunford" produce store in Restwell Street, west sdie of South Terrace, Bankstown.
1923With the failure of the previous partnership he resumed business as "Morrison & Briscoe" Fuel & Produce Merchants.
20. Mar. 1927When he sent a letter to children Kydia and Alf he was employed at Sydney Central Railway Rest Rooms.
1945His Railways employment record showed him as a grill cook (at Central Railway Station).
bt 1947 - 1951The electoral roll recorded him as living at 247 Riley Street, Sydney.
20. Jul. 1951He died at Hill 60 in Yarra Bay, Sydney of "heart disease inquest dispensed with".
23. Jul. 1951He was cremated at Eastern Suburbs Crematorium and a plaque was erected.
c 1951Frog Hollow and Hill 60 were two other shanty towns near Yarra Bay. Many of the families living there were post World War 2 migrants from the Baltic countries, Germany, the Middle East and Aboriginal people from the South Coast. Most of these people worked full time in nearby suburbs. The camps were closed in the late 1950s and last shacks demolished in the early 1960s