Cloncunny was the home of the Briscoe family for more than 60 years. Together with Silverspring (see Daniel Osborne) it was one of the two principal seats within the parish of Clonmore in Kilkenny.

References to Cloncunny and its residents include:

  • 1801  E & W Briscoe at Bleachville and Cloncunny. [Tighe, Statistical survey]
  • 1837  H Harrison Briscoe, Cloncunny. [Kilkenny Moderator 30.8.1837]
  • 1863  H H Briscoe Esq., Cloncunny, Piltown. [Kilkenny Moderator 10.1.1863]

(Edward Law, Kilkenny History, Miscellaneous Houses)

The connection of our Briscoes with Cloncunny was started by Edward Briscoe (1755-1851) who, born in Garnerea, was recorded as planting tree at Cloncunny in 1801.

Proving Lineage of Our Cloncunny Briscoes

There appears to be no question that Edward Briscoe of the Cloncunny Briscoes descended from the Brisco(e)s of Cumberland, the details that remain unclear are the intervening generations.

It is a commonly held view that Henry Briscoe of Backborough (Tybraughney) and his cousin Abigail Briscoe were the parents of Edward Briscoe who was born c.1813. Henry was the son of Edward Briscoe of Tinnakilly who died in 1709.
The other possibility, which I tend to favour, is that our Edward Briscoe is the one who was born c.1718 at Garrynarea, the son of John Briscoe and Margaret Bowen. John was the younger son of Edward of Tinnakilly.

In the absence of definitive birth records I have relied on details of property/residences to indicate family descendancy.

If proof of descendancy is available I would welcome it.



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