The Northey Name

The surname Northey seems to have its origins in Devon and is of Old English origin meaning "north enclosure". It was also not uncommon in Cornwall where our Northeys came from.


The Northeys' Grave, Hillgrove

The Northeys married into the Davies family.

Mary Anne Northey's parents were Alfred Northery and Matilda Hubber. Although both born in Cornwall they immigrated to Australia both alone and separately; Alfred arriving in South Australia in 1864 when he was 18 years old and Matilda as a twenty year old to Victoria in 1868.

The couple married in Victoria, exactly where is not clear, and had their only child, Mary Anne, on the Victorian goldfields at Clunes the following year.

At some time later the family had moved to the Newcastle area at Plattsburg and in 1892 Mary Anne married John Davies "at the house of Mr. Alfred Northey".

The Northeys followed the new Davies couple to Hillgrove where Alfred continued in the mining industry where he has been recorded as Underground Manager of the "Eleanora" mine and and also the "Great Britain" mine.

In February 1900 Alfred was injured in an accident at the "Ruby and Silver" Mine, Rockvale twelve miles from Armidale supposedly only incurring cuts and bruises, but seven months later he was dead. Matilda apparently then went to live with her daughter in Metz where she died in 1921.

Both Alfred and Matilda were buried in the Hillgrove cemeterey.



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