In 1881 Isle of Man census the name Christian was the fifth most common family name.

The origin of the surname Christian is Scandanavian/Viking rather than Gaelic, coming from Iceland, in the form of KRISTIN. The Celtic Mac was prefixed to it and then it gradually became anglicised into its present form.

Our Morrison ancestry includes more than one connection with Christian families including:

  • The marriage of John Morrison to Margaret Christian in 1880.
  • The marriage of William Quinney to Ellinor Christian in 1745.

Some Notable Manx Christians

One of the most famous Christians in Manx history was William Christian or better known as Illiam Dhone. He was:

" a significant figure on the Isle of Man during the English Civil War and the Manx Rebellion of 1651. He was executed for high treason in 1663. In the centuries after his death he has become a "martyr and folk-hero, a symbol of the Island's cherished freedoms and traditional rights."

Another notable Christian with ties to the Isle of Man was Fletcher Christian of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. Fletcher was born in Cumberland England, but most of great-grandfathers were historic Deemsters on the Isle of Man, and their original family surname McCrystyn.


Our Christian Family
William Christian
(circa 1805 - 20 January 1892)
Margaret Christian
(circa October 1858 - )
Elizabeth Cowley
(circa 1815 - 20 May 1874)
Margaret Caine
(circa 1789 - )