Other Military Service
Morrison, John James4-Dec-1902John enlisted in the Manchester Regiment
10-Dec-1902Joined the unit
between 6-Feb-1903 and 23-Jan-1908Served during the Boer War in the Transvaal and Orange Free State (before the creation of the Union of South Africa) at Middelburg, Standerton and Pretoria.
21-Sep-1906Transferred to 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)
between 6-Feb-1910 and 4-Aug-1914Remained in the Reserves
3-Dec-1915Discharged with total service of 13 years.
Morrison, William Ernest4-Sep-1901Enlisted in the Royal Marine Light Infantry, Portsmouth Division.
between 31-Jan-1903 and 23-Nov-1907He served on ships: HMS Majestic (a Majestic class battleship commissioned in 1895) in the Mediterranean; HMS Caesar (sister ship of the Majestic) as flagship of the Channel Fleet; and HMS Powerful (a protected cruiser) when she became the flagship of the Australia Station (prior to the formation of the Royal Australian Navy in 1911).
23-Nov-1907His Service Record indicated that he had "Run" or deserted from H.M.S. Powerful at Sydney.
"William Ernest Morrison, private R.M.L.I., about 23 years of age. 5 feet 5 1/2 inches high, dark-brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion."
23-Nov-1907Deserters from His Majesty’s Service. From H.M.S. “Powerful,” at Sydney.
On 23rd November, 1907- William Ernest Morrison, private R.M.L.I., about 23 years of age, 5 feet 5 3/4 inches high, dark-brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion.
25-Feb-1908Discharged from service (as stated on service record)


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